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Rachil has provided janitorial cleaning and maintenance solutions since 2006, young in years and wise from business and life experiences. The "seeds" for Rachil Janitorial Group were planted 27 years ago, while I was president of a successful manufacturing company.


I am not motivated  to be the biggest janitorial cleaning company.  I am fiercely committed to providing the best service-and value, consistently, to my customers.


Rachil Janitorial Group serves all non-residential businesses, organizations and industries including office buildings, manufacturing & distribution companies, retail stores, healthcare facilities, education facilities, religious institutions and auto dealerships.


Rachil Janitorial provides uncompromising service, outstanding value and commitment, through our "actions," not just our words, to our clients, employees and community. We work hard, smart and efficiently to earn and maintain our clients' trust.


As the owner of the company, I regularly visit all of our customer sites to make sure that the quality of our cleaning meets both your and my expectations.


Doing our job well, we are an "invisible" partner to our clients. The day-to-day results of our cleaning efforts, however, are highly "visible."  You want your existing and prospective customers to walk into your facility feeling that the cleanliness they see is an integral part of your commitment to providing them quality products. Beyond a paycheck, your employees deserve to walk into a facility each morning that looks and smells clean. Providing your employees a consistently clean facility tells them that they are an important, respected part of the success of your company.


Paul Hytken, Owner



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Rachil Janitorial Group LLC

PO Box 615

Oconomowoc, WI 53066-0615

Tel: 414-745-5707

Fax: 262-264-1071


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